75th Freedom monument -Relational Connection- in Hortus Oculus

Hortus Oculus is an easily accessible experience garden with visual art for both visually impaired and sighted pesron.
Hortus Oculusは、視覚障害者と視覚障害者の両方のためのビジュアルアートを備えた、簡単にアクセスできる体験型庭園です

Material : Self healing concrete, Porous concrete, Recycled plastic concrete, Concrete, Iron

This year 2020, we celebrate 75 years of freedom. On 14 August at 16:00, Prof. Dr. Tim van der Hagen,
who is chairman of the Executive Board and also Rector Magnificus of Delft University of Technology,
that he unveil a work of art in the Hortus Oculus that refers to freedom.
The work of art brings together Japanese culture and modern environmental and material science at TU Delft.
The work of art was developed in co-creation by Japanese artist Kouji Ohno and Dr Henk Jonkers of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences.
It depicts the constant search for new ways to come into contact with each other and to have mutual understanding without losing one's own identity.

自由を意味するアート作品をHortus Oculus(視覚聴覚に特徴のある方たちを含めすべての人に楽しんでもらえるガーデン)の中でご披露いたします。