In the beginning was the Word

This artworks is in the Garden of the Blind “Hortus Oculus” in Land Art Delft
It is collaborating with Dr. Henk M Jonkers lab in TU Delft.
Dr. Henk M Jonkers has developed new technology of Bio self-healing concrete.
He is the authority on self-healing concrete researcher.

Website : Hortus Oculus

An experience garden for people with a visual impairment
The Hortus Oculus is an experience garden with visual art for people with a visual impairment as well as the sighted person.
The specially designed garden is embedded in the Land Art Delft landscape park, a green oasis between Rotterdam and The Hague.
Land Art Delft is since 2003 a pleasant symbiosis of the cultural-historical polder landscape, the vibrant nature and the visual arts.