identification -Iwasaki museum 2022-2023 solo exhibition-

First act 2022.12.17 - 2023.01.09

Second act 2023.01.21 - 02.26

The meaning of traditional tattooing in Borneo is that
it is a beacon of light after death to illuminate the darkness of the underworld and help person reach the Pure Land.
This is still believed in today and is carried over and tattooed on the real body.
From Greek times to modern times, psyche and spirit have been discussed by many philosophers and scholars,
but in present times, spirit is rarely discussed seriously in the public sphere as it is considered to have no scientific basis.
However, it is said that recognising abstract concepts such as spirit souls and the underworld requires the development of thinking skills through higher brain functions.
The oldest burial currently discovered is believed to be that of a Neanderthal from approximately 100 000 years ago.
Many doctors at the forefront of resuscitation in lifesaving medicine are also exposed to patients' near-death experiences.
And they point to a scientific paradox in the relationship between consciousness, spirit and near-death experiences.
In the expression of this work, a human body wood carving in relief of the Borneo tattoo, which is said to radiate light after death,
is used as a central element to compose a space that evokes the image of the other shore from this world.
The first period of the exhibition represent the entrance to the underworld,
while the second represent the the image of the Pure Land.

During the Age of Exploration, European nations developed a policy that
involved the entire planet in their quest for territorial expansion and profits from their colonies.
Since the turn of this century, there has been a growing movement to appeal for traditional cultural identity against the historical view of cultural invasion from the West.
In this exhibition, Ohno featured the traditional ethnic Bunmi of Borneo,
moreover in future developments, he plans to incorporate traditional cultures preserved and inherited throughout the world into his concept.