In the mist

In the mist
Landscape as a memory 2 2013
The Netherlands Delft city
From "Foundation Land Art Delft"
The cube "Horizon" of Kouji Ohno from the exhibition in 2012 is still in our minds.
Inspired by his impressive breathing installation, Foundation Land Art Delft decided to install more cubes and asked a number of artists to embrace this monumental form in their own art works.
As such, one can find three more pieces in our sculpture park that translate Kouji's vision in image and form.

This time Kouji Ohno is again a big surprise.
Dutch landscape continues to puzzle and fascinate him on a number of different levels.
He sees it as a Mondrian canvas drawn in the mist that takes the viewer beyond his own reality.
Kouji makes even a stronger statement by planting Mondrian trees in the horizon of his window.
The story of Kouji begins when you meet his sculptures in a Dutch mist.