in the mist -Rokko Meets Art 2019-

Material : camphor wood, silk thread #50, UV LED light, LED light, plywood

Description by Dr. Daniëlle H.A.C. Lokin

Rokko Meets Art is an art festival on the Rokko, a mountain 932 meters high,
less than an hour by public transportation from Kobe and Osaka.
There Ohno presents his sculpture In the Mist.
Because of its location Rokko is always very misty; then sunlight breaks through, its rays setting a figure in backlight.
The actual body is a reflection of light. It is inspired by the Brocken spectre phenomenon.

In Buddhism light, and especially reflection, stands for God as well as for ‘awakening’ and ‘understanding’.
A person who has been awakened sees how the function of our spirit keeps us imprisoned in suffering,
and the way towards change in this spirit, whereby this suffering is eradicated.
For this reason the monks often go to the mountains to meditate.
For Ohno light also stands for “seeing the true nature” of things,
which is emptiness. However, insight into suffering and emptiness do not yet mean that suffering is eliminated.
To reach full Buddhahood, for which this awakening can be the beginning, further training is needed.
The human torso made by Ohno radiates an intense golden light, like a Russian icon. Like the light behind Jesus, the son of God.
The human figure gets its subtle reflection in a finely woven web of silk thread, suggestive of the mist.
In this work both cultures merge impressively in Ohno’s magical pictorial language.