regenerative cells

Donated to Delft University of Technology “TU Delft”
for the monument of 175th anniversary of foundation of the university
Public collection at TU Delft Technopolis aria in front of Holland Protonen Centrum (ewout)
The monument was made by a part of the studying of Fellowship of Overseas Study Programme
for Artists the Agency for Cultural Affairs Japanese Government from project proposal by Land Art Delft.

Holland Protonen Centrum (ewout)前交差点に寄贈設置されました。

Website:TU Delft

Website:Land Art Delft


We are currently living in a period of rapid change at the world wide situation.
The world’s climate change caused by global warming is also one of the major factors in its change.
This art works “Regenerative cells“ is produced by reusing parts of automobile.
Automobile is one of the main reasons to emit carbon dioxide.
At the making time, it is reconstructed the car parts as a metaphor of human body organization.
These various parts are as if they are regenerative cells.
The artwork correlates closely with the bridges exclusively for bicycles completed last year.
In order to have the beautiful earth continue to the next generation, I made this work as a concept to ask what something we can do now.
When people ride a bicycle and cross a new bridge, I would like to you to feel a hommage to the nature by looking this artwork.