What do we need?
About 13.8 billion years ago, the universe began with the Big Bang.
Current population counts around 70 billion while 30 billion of them live in an urban area.
Is urbanization a sign of a development?
In what way do we decide to coexist with the nature?
Each art work represents one question.
I would like to consider with the viewers possible answers for all 6 questions coming from my sculptural installations.
Where are we going to?

The exhibition entitled Requirements consists of 6 installations situated in 6 different rooms.
Three first rooms show minimalistic, primitive spaces.
One of them hides a tree made from thin iron wires, being a metaphor of producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide.
In the second room, there’s a pond filled with water.
The value of water as a key element on the earth for all the living organisms in the world is undisputable.
The third room, paved with black and white stones refers to the long history of earth.
Minimalistic, square composition of white stones surrounded by black is a mirror reflection of the light coming into the room through an old window.
Opacities coming from a white fabric stretched to the window, refers to the long history.
While three first rooms pay tribute to the elements of nature, that have been required by human beings from time immemorial, other rooms are devoted to the modern human life.
A circle in the rebar welded square is an image of a nuclear power plant that was broken by a melt down.
Next room, configured by the waste of iron, symbolizes the lifeline of urban people.
Finally, how would you interpret a mysterious object emerging from the darkness in a last room?


4 Mediations Biennale POZNAN 2014