Distance:Face to Face Bool-ing

Distance: Face to Face book-ing
After the 20 century, the urban population increased rapidly.
In the overpopulation city, the information network system by the Internet became the important tool supporting the convenience of urban life.
According to Edward T Hall who is an anthropologist, it is apprehensive about the critical situation of the urban life that has grown huge and human being.
There is a concept of “Personal space” which Mr. Hall advocated.
The concept is the space that various animals protect the safety instinctively as individuals, without the sense of danger and the stress of external pressure.
In the overcrowded population of urban life, we wonder if you set the “personal space” in any range.
In what kind of space is a sense of distance, which it begins to talk effective?
I made two rooms of only two tatami mats size.
There are ultimate spaces which constructs interpersonal relations was made as a symbol of the place of "beginning of talk".
The stone garden viewing from the window of both sides of the two tea rooms expressed the distance between viewers meant as a metaphor of the urban life.

Zushi Art Site 2014“The city begins talking”