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Ohno Kouji

1971 born in Tokyo, Japan
1994 graduated from Tama Art University, Bachelor of Art, Sculpture
1996 graduated from Tama Art University Graduate School, Master of Art, Sculpture
2002~ Juntendo Medical College First Anatomy Laboratory as researcher
2017 Awaeded the Fellowship of Overseas Study Programme for Artists by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Japanese Government, Institute in World Art Delft at the Netherlands
2017~2020 Living and working in Amsterdam
2020~ Living in Tokyo, studio at Yokohama(Japan)/Art Center Aalsmeer(The Netherlands)
2023~ Art Factory Jonanjima affiliated artist

Solo Exhibitions
2023 Le visible et l'invisible(Gallery YORI, Tokyo)
2022-23 identification(Iwasaki Museum, Yokohama, Japan)
2021 Reflections on Mass and Prayer (SYP Gallery, Tokyo)
2018 Introspection (Wilfrid Israel Museum, Israel)
2016 neural network(Iwasaki Museum, Yokohama, Japan)
2012 Centrum (Metal Art Museum Hikarinotani, Japan)
2012 Scope of sanctuary (Gallery Simon, Yokohama)
2010 Internal-External (Vio Park theater, Mathumoto, Japan)
2010 Storage Element (Chihanan, Izu, Japan)
2008 Dichotomic Structures (Gallery Q, Ginza, Tokyo)
2007 Exhibition of "So-koku-bu-tai" (Gallery Simon, Yokohama)
2006 The Awakening (Gallery Simon, Yokohama)
2006 The Revelation (Gallery ef, Tokyo)
2004 The Vascular System (Gallery Kobo, Ginza, Tokyo)
2003 Body Wall (Metal Art Museum Hikarinotani, Japan)
2002 Blood Heat (Gallery ef, Tokyo)
2001 The Promised Restraint 2 (Gallery Motomachi, Yokohama)
2000 The Unfeeling (Gallery Seizanso, Yokohama)
1999 The Promised Restraint (Gallery ef, Tokyo)
1999 The Form of God (Gallery Brocken, Tokyo)

2023 Butterfly effect -Homage to Paula Kouwenhoven-(Hortus Oculus, Visually handicapped person garden)
2020 After WWII 75th freedom monument -Relational Connection-(Hortus Oculus, Visually handicapped person garden)
2018 the elephant (TU Delft Leeghwater study association 150th anniversary)
In the beginning was the Word(Hortus Oculus, Visually handicapped person garden)
2017 regeneretive cells(TU Delft 175th anniversary of foundation)
  Human memory(Japan Government grant, LAD, Midden-Delfland)
2009 De Liefde(the Netherlands and Japan trade 400th anniversary)

Biennale/Art Festival/Special exhibition
2023 Ginza Tsutaya Books Art allery (Tokyo, Japan)
Saitama Biennale 2023 Civic Prjects art Chari (Saitama, Japan)
2021 Minato no Art Newman Yokohama (Yokohama, Japan)
2020 Fuji no Ymam Biennale 2020 (Fuji/FFujinomiya, Japan)
2019 PERSONAL STRUCTURES Venice Art Biennale 2019-European Cultural Center (Venice, Italy)
Rokko meets art 2019 (Rokko, Japan)
2015 Yansan Biennale Yogyakarta XIII(Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
Nakanojo Biennale 2015(Nakanojo, Gunma, Japon)
2014 4 Mediations Biennale 2014 Poznan(Poland, Poznan)
2013 Nakanojo Biennale (Nakanojo, Gunma, Japon)

Art Fair
2023 Art Oosaka 2023 (Oosaka, Japan)
2022 Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2022 (Hakata,Japan)
2019 Basel VOLTA 2019 (Basel,Swiss)
Kunst RAI 2019(Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
2017 Kunst RAI 2017(Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
2011 Art Fair Tokyo 2011 (Tokyo)
2010 Art Fair Tokyo 2010 (Tokyo)
2008 Yokohama Art & Home (Yokohama, Japan)

2016 Lecture in Tokyo Zokei Art University
Lecture of Ecology and Art in AACA (Japan Association of Artists Craftsmen and Architects)
Land Art Delft Sculpturen 2016(The Netherlands,WAD,LAD)
2014 Landscape as a memory III(The Netherlands,WAD,LAD)
2013 Landscape as a memory II (The Netherlands,WAD,LAD)
2012 Lnadscape as a memory (The Netherlands,WAD,LAD)
2009 "Hommage to the City of Delft- World Art Delft" (The Netherlands)
2008 "Recycle Art - World Art Delft" (The Netherlands)
2004 "The Artist who needed dissection" Shigeo Miki Commemoration Symposium (Juntendo Medical College)

Group Exhibitions
2022 Gauzenmaand 2022 (Vlaardingen Museum, Artcente Delft, Rotterdam, Schedam,the Netherlands)
2021 Tokyo Metropolitan art museum Group Show of Contemporary Artists 2021 (Tokyo, Japan)
2020 Geuzenmaand 2020 (Vlaardingen Museum, the Netherlands)
2018 Fellow ship of Man (Tehcnohoros art Gallery, Athens, Greece)
2014 Zushi Art Site 2014 (Zushi, Kanagawa, Japan)
2012 Ability (Gallery Q, Ginza, Tokyo)
2011 World Art Delft Sculptures II (The Netherlands,WAD)
2010 World Art Delft Sculptures (The Netherlands,WAD)
2009 2nd World Art Delft Poetry II -World Art Delft-(The Netherlands,WAD)
2008,06 C.A.F.N (The Museum Modern Art, Japan)
2004 Chiba Art Flash (Chiba Citizens Gallery INAGE, Japan)
2003 Aizima Art Festival (Japan)
2000 Japan - South Korea International Exchange Exhibition "Hadoh 1999-2000"(Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery, Yokohama)
Iseyoshi Annual(Gallery Iseyoshi, Ginza, Tokyo)
1999 Japan-South Korea International Exchange Exhibition "Hadoh 1999-2000"(Kwangju City Art Museum, South Korea)

Stage Arts
2008 Kazuo Ohno festival "So-koku-bu-tai" BankArtNYK (Yokohama)
2007 Shakuhachi exTemporal "So-koku-bu-tai" Tsuda Hall (Tokyo)
2006 "So-koku-bu-tai" Goethe Theater in Iwasaki Museum (Yokohama)
"So-koku-bu-tai" Gallery ef (Tokyo)

2006~2016 Gallery Simon(Yokohama)
2000~2003 Gallery Seizanso (Yokohama)

Permanent / Public collection
Faberage Museum (Saint-Peterburg)
Delft, Midden-Delfland, Delft University of Technology